With many new features:

  • Now also available as 64 bit application
    Our market-leading product DpuScan is now also available as 64Bit version. Through maximum utilisation of the working memory, the processing of large formats (A0+) is now supported in the best possible way. Problems with the working memory are now a thing of the past.
  • Multithread Engine
    Consistent support of multi-core processors, better use of computer resources. Acceleration of the entire scanning process. On high-speed scanners, now perform additional processing steps (barcode detection on colour images and 2D barcode detection on colour images and rotation and blank page detection etc.) during scanning without slowing down the overall throughput.
  • New Open Job structure.
    Write and read accesses are minimised through a modified structure of the so-called open jobs. This results in significantly faster saving/loading of batches, especially on network drives.
  • Processing of eventrules significantly faster
    Further optimisation measures dramatically accelerate the reprocessing of the configured set of rules (event rules) is dramatically accelerated.
  • New variable types for the objects “Page”, “Paper” and “Document”.
  • Separating / joining paper elements
    e.g. separating front and back sides of a paper to 2 front sides, joining 2 front sides to one paper.
  • TR-Resiscan
    •  Optimised support of transfer annotations to better support the “Technical Guideline Replacement Scanning” (TR-Resiscan)
    • Logging of configuration changes for better support of the “Technical Guideline Replacement Scanning” (TR-Resiscan)
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