We have been meeting your challenges for more than 40 years


Dietmar Janich and Ulrich Klass jointly found the company Janich & Klass Computersysteme as a civil law partnership. In the first years Z80 CPU boards, RAM boards, EPROM boards, floppy controllers and many other ECB compatible I/O boards for the Z80 microprocessor are developed and sold.


At a trade fair, a Z80 PC built by Janich & Klass is presented with 1Mbyte RAM, while standard PCs at that time had a maximum of 64KByte. Subsequently, CP/M+ is adapted to a universally installable operating system for all ECB modules from our delivery range. More than 80 different disk formats could be read and written. By using an EPROM disk with CMOS RAM memory, embedded systems without rotating drives were also possible.
By the end of the CP/M era, more than 12,500 licences had been sold.


Janich & Klass Computersysteme GbR becomes Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH.


Together with the company Minox, a first real Document Image System on PC basis is developed, which realised a then unbelievably short image build-up time of 12 seconds on a full-page screen. Only two years later it was possible to reduce this time to less than 2 seconds and at the same time to implement the innovative Scale-to-Gray technology.


The Intercity Experimental of the German Railways sets a world record for rail vehicles on 1 May 1988 with 406.9 km/h. J&K assemblies for data acquisition travelled in the test car of the experimental train.


Intel-based PC-compatible modular assemblies with ISA96 bus are introduced and further developed and completed in the following years.


The Document Processing Unit 1 (DPU 1) is introduced as a new milestone in document processing. Compression, decompression, scaling, direct control of scanner, monitor and printer is integrated on a single PC board. An image build-up time of less than 0.3 seconds and a throughput of over 100 images per minute were now achieved.


An intelligent SCSI interface with image pre-processing is developed for the American scanner manufacturer Bell + Howell and delivered to Bell + Howell in the following years. In the following years, other scanner manufacturers follow for whom we develop and deliver such a module.


With the DPU 16+, a further increase in document processing speed of over 500 images per minute is achieved.

The microform GmbH is founded and develops a scanner from the AGFA microfilm camera, which is subsequently produced by microform for AGFA. This scanner also receives an intelligent SCSI interface from Janich & Klass.


A first version of DpuScan is installed at BHW-Bausparkasse. In the following years, DpuScan is developed further and further and can be adapted to almost any customer requirement.

For the experimental project Cargo Sprinter, the truck on rails, J&K develops the control PC. The complete wagon management and also the control of the brake system are monitored by this PC.


AGFA stops selling scanners. microform takes over the personnel, service and sales of these scanners.


Janich & Klass builds 3 prototypes of a “scanner with special order” for scanning the torn STASI documents. With these scanners, the contents of several hundred bags of torn STASI scraps were successfully scanned.


microform GmbH becomes part of Janich & Klass. It is initially continued as an independent company.


The first control computer with approval from Germanischer Lloyd for use on ocean-going vessels is delivered.


The microform GmbH sells the first XINO scanner developed by Janich & Klass. In the following years, the scanner is produced by Janich & Klass and distributed by microform.


Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH is merged with microform GmbH.

The former company headquarters of microform in Waiblingen continues to operate as a Janich & Klass branch for a while and is then abandoned.


40 years of Janich & Klass. We look back on many interesting projects, of which we could only list a few here.

Ulrich Klass sells his shares in the company and subsequently retires from the company.


  • More than 250 XINO scanners are in use worldwide.
  • More than 5.500 DpuScan licenses are installed owrldwide.
  • More than 1.500 ocean-going vessels (cruise ships, container ships and ocean-going yachts) sail the world’s oceans with J&K computers on board.
  • More than 2.500 packaging machines are controlled by J&K computers
  • More than 5000 automatic screwdriving machines are controlled by J&K industrial computers
  • More than 40.000 ISA96/AT96 assembkies have been sold in the last 10 years.
  • More than 40 employees work at Janich & Klass
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