customer-specific modules

As a partner of industry, Janich & Klass stands for competence, quality and reliability. This is how renowned industrial companies have chosen J&K.
According to the requirements for special applications, we develop and manufacture customised assemblies for our customers. The customer is
engineers advise the customer right from the start and draw up a specification sheet, after which the exact product is developed and later manufactured with the help of the most modern CAD applications.
and later also manufactured, which optimally fulfils the requirements.

Our service department is involved in this process from the very beginning in order to be able to solve problems effectively later on. Qualified experts are on hand to
customers with help and advice.

Advisory support of the project, from commissioning to training, also on site, ensure smooth functioning and operational safety.

Various control computers and interface cards for controlling automatic screwdriving machines for automotive production.
Over the past years, more than 5000 automatic screwdriving machines with control computers from Janich & Klass have been or are still being used on the production lines of various European automobile factories.

We have developed control computers with approval for use on ocean-going vessels for 3 different ship suppliers.
Control of ballast tanks, monitoring of the diesel drive or other functions are performed by these computers in secret, if necessary with messages to the bridge.
More than 1500 ocean-going vessels (cruise ships, container ships and ocean-going yachts) sail the world’s oceans with J&K computers on board.

Multiprocessor card with 5 LAN interfaces for use in security-relevant locations (e.g. monitoring a gas pipeline).

Connection module for mounting on a top-hat rail for transmitting measurement data to a control computer.

Level control for an aquarium system

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