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ISA96 V8/103

For many industrial CPU assemblies, the focus is not necessarily on a high clock frequency of the processor, but on the lowest possible power dissipation. Only in this way can fanless or hermetically sealed control systems be built.

The newly developed ISA96 V8/103 was especially designed for such operating conditions. It makes it possible to operate systems of the 500MHz class with less than 5W power consumption, without exceeding the narrow price range of low-cost applications.

ISA96 H1/103

The H1/103 with ultra-low-power versions of the 4th generation of Intel’s Core i processors (code name “Haswell”) forms the continuation of the Janich&Klass processor boards for the ISA96 and AT96 bus. The V8/103, D2/103, A2/103 and M4/103 boards, which have been available for a long time, can be replaced in a largely compatible way, without having to forego the advantages of the much higher-performance processor platform with its new, more powerful interfaces.

Even the basic version has 2 Gigabit Ethernet controllers and 2x USB3.0 interfaces. The obsolete VGA connection makes way for a DisplayPort socket, which offers connection options to HDMI, DVI or VGA again via corresponding adapters. In addition to the CF socket and the optional possibility of mounting a 2.5″ SATA drive, so-called SATADOM modules can now also be used as drives.

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