• Quality comes before speed

    Efficient document digitisation is the basis for holistic information logistics. This includes, above all, incoming mail, which is often the trigger for more extensive processes and must be handled in several departments.

  • Large-scale scanning projects require a lot of know-how

    Scanning projects with a high volume of paper and heterogeneous documents, as in the Mannheim MARCHIVUM, require high-performance hardware and software as well as comprehensive services. Janich & Klass, the manufacturer of production scanners, specialises in such demanding applications, which often occur in the public sector.

  • XINOscan S700 / Operating concept

    In the capturing sector, quality is an important aspect. Disturbances in the paper flow have a considerable influence on productivity. Together with its sister company, the scanner manufacturer Microform, Janich & Klass has now developed a completely new operating concept for Microform's Xino high-performance document scanner with the Xino-Capture software. It enables complete operation and remote control of the capture software directly on the scanner's touch screen.

  • XINOscan S700 / Unique Paper Transport

    Modern document capturing means more than just converting documents into images and archiving them. In addition to speed and security in processing, one thing counts above all: quality - starting with user-friendly hardware, sophisticated software that facilitates further processing of the data and ergonomic workstations. Microform, a company based in Waiblingen, Germany, has made these criteria the yardstick for the development of its high-performance Xino S700 document scanner.

  • The Stasi Puzzle

    16,250 sacks of torn documents from the Ministry for State Security - a gigantic jigsaw puzzle that cannot be handled by human hands.

  • LBS

    Anyone can OCR forms, thought the organisational managers at LBS Bausparkasse Hamburg. It only gets exciting when, at the same time, the data entry software automatically checks whether the form has been filled out correctly.

  • Employment agency

    In a concept test, the Federal Employment Agency is gathering experience for a nationwide introduction of the electronic file based on a document management system. The flexible capture software DpuScan ensures a smooth capture process.

  • Germanischen Lloyd

    Every day, several thousand documents are received in the registry of the "ship MOT" Germanischer Lloyd - the entire documentation of the moving fleet. In order to cope with the flood of paper, an EDM and archiving system was introduced. The scanning software DpuScan by Janich & Klass ensures the fast capture of the documents.

  • HUK-Coburg

    Every day, about 70,000 pages are scanned by the different divisions of the HUK-Coburg insurance group and transferred to the electronic document management and archiving system, mostly on the same day. A key role on the input side is played by the DpuScan software from Janich & Klass.

  • AQA

    Exam papers require extremely high accuracy in scanning, with unusually large volumes and basically within a tight time frame.

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