I/O - Assemblies

For ISA96 and AT96 bus systems, in addition to our CPU modules, our customers usually use I/O modules customised by us or specially developed modules.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is a need for special I/O modules or if existing modules are to be revised.
Due to our many years of experience in the development of assemblies for the ISA96/AT96 bus, we are also able to develop products for smaller quantities quickly and cost-effectively.

SER2-FIFO V2 RS422/485

This module offers 2 galvanically isolated serial interfaces for the operating modes RS485, RS422 or DIN measuring bus master/slave. I/O addresses and interrupt line are flexibly configurable, so that up to 8 pieces of these modules can be combined in one system.

Configurable for ISA96 and AT96 bus.

If required, this module is also available with galvanically isolated RS232 interfaces.


The function of this module is to operate a large number of digital inputs or outputs. 4 groups with 16 channels each can be configured externally as inputs or outputs via control lines, which are designed for TTL levels (0V-5V). The connection is made via 50-pole pin connectors. Due to the adjustability of the I/O range, several of these assemblies can be operated in parallel in one system.


The module, which is also suitable for the AT96 bus, is offered in 3 versions: With 16 inputs, with 16 outputs or with 8 inputs as well as 8 outputs.
The I/Os are galvanically isolated (3KV) and designed for 24V technology. Outputs can switch 0.5A (high-side) and can be read back for error monitoring. The output drivers used are protected against overload and overtemperature. LEDs in the front panel support diagnosis and troubleshooting. The connection is made by means of an 18-pole Mini-Combicon connector.

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