Comfort and efficiency in operation

The newly developed Color Touch operating panel of the high-performance XINO S700 scanning system ensures clear communication between man and machine. All functions are easy to understand and clearly visible on the system’s display. The handling is simple and user-friendly. At the same time, the communication sequence can be designed depending on the task. The different user interfaces can be configured to suit the customer. Depending on the job and the user’s qualifications, they can be varied as desired. The entire procedure is menu-driven and intuitive. Basic scan processing functions (start, stop, pause,…) can be carried out directly on the system without using the PC keyboard.

Via the USB port (password function), the operator can log in and out of the system and is given access to the range of functions permitted for him.

The XINO has a paper guide that maintains contact with the paper over the entire width and thus ensures the best possible and secure transport. This paper transport is particularly suitable for demanding document types. In addition to different paper qualities, document thicknesses and formats, uneven or damaged papers can also be processed. The unique ball transport offers the highest possible processing reliability.

The system has a variable paper transport path with document ejection either at the front or at the rear of the machine. The straight document path with output at the rear of the system saves the need to divert the paper and thus eliminates a processing risk with sensitive material. With the Patch Code Sorter, this variant offers the option of automatically sorting out separator sheets.

The integrated Patch Code Sorter (optional) offers the option of automatically sorting out separator sheets. It can also be used to sort out processes that lie between separator sheets. Also separator sheet with continuation sheet. The document length can be defined as a further sorting criterion.

The generous document deflection offers a great deal of security in document feeding. Even difficult and sensitive documents are guided safely and reliably with the help of the large deflection drum, without any heavy loads on the document material. In addition, the document material can also be ejected directly to the rear of the system via the bypass, thus eliminating the deflection.

The XINO S700 is the only document scanner that offers the option of an exchangeable feeder system.

Two feeder versions are available for the system. These can be changed very easily by the operator. In addition to the classic feeder with a centre-oriented document feeder, microform now also offers a version with a left-oriented document feeder. All documents are taken from the left side of the stack.

This simplifies document preparation, especially for document stacks with mixed document sizes. All documents are prepared left-justified. Aids such as paper joggers or feed angles can be used.

Another important advantage is the uniform print track for pagination. Both small and large documents can be printed in the same place.

Of course, this new option can also be added to already installed XINO scanners. This system solution is another component of microform’s Best Image Quality concept.

Productivity, performance and ergonomics of the entire system are the focus of the XINO S700. The well thought-out workstation concept is very production-oriented and offers great comfort for the operating personnel due to its motorised height adjustment. This creates a high acceptance of the system and ensures productivity. In addition to the motorised height adjustment of the entire system, the well-balanced workstation concept also offers the possibility of adjusting the position of the work surfaces to the needs of the operators, thus ensuring the most efficient paper handling possible.

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