ISA96 - PC technology for the industry

Future-proof control technology for machines – that was the goal in the development of the ISA96 computer system. Based on years of cooperation with industrial users, a 19″ computer and module series for industrial use was created, with simultaneous compatibility to the world of the PC.

The use of the ISA96 19″-system enables the user to integrate a PC into standard setups. Janich & Klass provides a wide range of systems and assemblies for this purpose. The offer ranges from individual boards to compact computer racks to complete industrial PCs in 19″ subracks. The large selection of 19″ mechanics available on the market can thus be used individually.

A special design feature of the ISA96 sub-rack series is the modular concept; it ensures flexibility and ease of service. The drivers of the serial interfaces are designed as modules for the CPU-boards and some peripheral boards. This makes it possible for the user to configure the interfaces according to his wishes from the standard range, be it as a simple RS232C interface, 20mA interface or any other interface. The module concept makes subsequent changes and extensions possible at any time. In addition to pure visualisation tasks, the PC is also increasingly taking on control tasks. A range of input/output modules is available for this purpose. These also form the basis for customised modules that guarantee an optimal solution. The local input/output modules are supplemented by fieldbus systems such as InterBus-S or Profibus.

All our solutions focus on the customer and his application. Optimum performance, easy maintenance and future-proof design are the guiding principles of our actions.

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