ISA96 H1/103

The H1/103 with ultra-low-power versions of the 4th generation of Intel’s Core i processors (code name “Haswell”) forms the continuation of the Janich&Klass processor boards for the ISA96 and AT96 bus. The V8/103, D2/103, A2/103 and M4/103 boards, which have been available for a long time, can be replaced in a largely compatible way, without having to forego the advantages of the much higher-performance processor platform with its new, more powerful interfaces.

Even in the basic version, 2 Gigabit Ethernet controllers are available, as well as 2x USB3.0 interfaces. The obsolete VGA connection makes way for a DisplayPort socket, which offers connection options to HDMI, DVI or VGA again via corresponding adapters. In addition to the CF socket and the optional possibility of mounting a 2.5″ SATA drive, so-called SATADOM modules can now also be used as drives.

The heart of the assembly is the “CPU module H1” with DDR3L working memory and the dual-core processor, which is specified for a ‘Thermal Design Power’ of 15W and is thus also suitable for passive cooling solutions. Janich&Klass offers this CPU module with an inexpensive Celeron type as well as with an i5 and i7 processor.

The base board provides all other necessary system components as well as all interfaces to the outside world. As has been customary in the past, the H1/103 can be extended by a serial interface module, a ‘rear extender’ e.g. for connecting a flat screen and a ‘front extender’ (according to customer-specific requirements).

Special emphasis was placed on the long-term availability of the assembly. If possible, the components come from special embedded product lines of the respective manufacturers.


  • ISA96/AT96 CPU-Card in 3HE, 8TE
  • CPU module H1 (permanently mounted) with the following features:
    • Possible processor types from Intel’s 4th generation Core i processors (“Haswell”)
      Celeron 2980U (2M cache, 1.6 GHz)
      Core i5-4300U (3M cache, 1.9 GHz, Turbo 2.9 GHz)
      Core i7-4650U (4M cache, 1.7 GHz, Turbo 3.3 GHz)
    • Actively cooled by fan as standard, but passive cooling also possible (depending on ambient conditions, processor version and performance settings).
    • 4GByte onboard DDR3L memory, SODIMM socket for up to 8GB SODIMM modules, clock frequency 1600MHz
  • optional rear extender suitable for existing extender buses of the M4/103, A2/103 and D2/103, mainly for connecting flat screens
  • optional 2.5″ SATA drive, mountable on aluminium carrier plate within the width of 8TE
  • SATA socket (7pin with power supply logic for “SATADOM” modules, as replacement for onboard flash).
  • CF socket for CF memory cards, directly connected to IDE port (PATA)
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet controllers (Intel i218 and i210) with RJ45 socket on front panel
  • 2 USB3.0 and 1 USB2.0 on front panel
  • PS/2 connection for keyboard/mouse (via Y-cable) on front panel
  • DisplayPort connection on front panel
  • Serial interface COM1 as RS232C on front panel
  • In the standard version, optional plug-on serial module as COM2 for RS232, RS232 Opto or RS485/422 Opto (all with additional USB interface) or module with 3-fold USB hub
  • With extended version (instead of serial module for COM2): Easily customisable extensions via PCIe, SATA, USB, I2C, e.g. 3rd Ethernet controller, CFast socket, WLAN module, digital I/O, additional USB sockets on the front panel, etc.
  • 1MByte battery-buffered SRAM disk
  • Nuvoton Super-IO NCT6779D (with internal hardware monitor for monitoring temperatures, fan speeds and supply voltages)
  • Operating ambient temperature 0-65°C
  • Required supply voltage: +5V


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