ISA96/AT96 Backplanes

ISA96 Bus 7/Z
ISA96 Bus 10

Various backplanes are available for the bus systems ISA96 and AT96. These vary in the number of slots, the installation technology and the equipment.

Power is supplied via 6.3mm flat connectors. In general, the backplanes are manufactured using press-fit technology.

In order to achieve an optimal signal path with minimal crosstalk and reflections, the PCBs are manufactured in 6-layer multilayer technology.

Each signal row of the 96-pole DIN connector runs on its own layer, whereby these layers are shielded by GND and VCC planes. In addition, the signals of a layer are separated as far as possible by earth combs.

Separate GND and VCC planes also provide an optimal power supply for all slots.

This is completed by the 6th layer, which is reserved for the +/- 12V supply voltages.

Order Number
in 4TE divide
slotsBus assembly
Z rail assembly
Dimension in mm
(width x height)
transfer plug
on Place
(von links)
Bus termination
Power supply
404.209703.110 2ISA96 Bus 33X 51×13021,3XF
404.209703.120 4ISA96 Bus 33X 51×13021,3 F
404.209705.000 2ISA96 Bus 55X 92×13021,3XF
404.209705.120 0ISA96 Bus 55X 92×13021,3 F
404.209706.100 4ISA96 Bus 66X 112×13021,4XF
404.209706.000 0ISA96 Bus 66X 112×13021,4 F
404.209707.110 4ISA96 Bus 77X 143×13021,5XF/K
404.209707.120 6ISA96 Bus 77X 143×13021,5 F/K
404.209707.000 8ISA96 Bus 7/Z7 X131×84  XF
404.209708.000 6ISA96 Bus 88X 153×13021,6XF/S
404.209708.120 4ISA96 Bus 88X 153×13021,6 F/S
404.209710.000 8ISA96 Bus 1010X 193×13021,8XF/S
404.209710.120 6ISA96 Bus 1010X 193×13021,8 F/S
404.239605.000 4AT96-Bus 55 X90×84  XF
404.239605.100 8AT96-Bus 55 X90×84   F
404.239648.000 2AT96-Bus 8/48 X152×8411XF
404.239648.120 0AT96-Bus 8/48 X152×8411 F
404.239610.100 4AT96-Bus 1010X 204×13021,10XF/S/K
404.239610.000 0AT96-Bus 1010X 204×13021,10 F/S/K
    F = flicker plug 6,3mm
S = screw connection     M4
K = screw terminal 1,5mm
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